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27 years experience in Arizona with roofs and materials from Southwestern Paints. Specializing in roof coatings, repairs, cold process membrane roofing, and roof walking decks. We use environmentally friendly products and offer renewable warranties. We are manufactured certified. Fast, clean and courteous with no messy tear offs. Virtually no odor, reduces heat gain, and extends roof life. We provide our services for home owners, property management companies, commercial property owners, and realty companies.

Licenses / Credentials :

• Licensed Roof Contractor

We Specialize In:

  • Specialize in Flat Roofs and Pitched Roofs
  • Cold Process Membrane Roofing System
  • Roof Repairs - Roof Coatings (white, tan)
  • Roof Decks
  • Eliminate Water Ponding Area's

Looking for a Reliable Tucson Roofing Company

Imagine your home without its roof. You’d be exposed to outside weather among other things! Your entire home and possessions are at risk with a roof that is in bad shape. Water leaks can do some serious damage to the entire structure of the building. The problem isn’t going to go away and it might end up being more expensive at a later date. Calling a good Tucson Roofing Company before damage is too extensive will be a time and money saver.

Replacing your roof is a big expense regardless of the materials used. Replacing it goes far beyond the actual roofing materials. Labor costs will probably be your greatest expense when hiring the Tucson Roofing Company. Mathematics, general carpentry and carpentry framing are just a few of the skills needed by the professional Roofing Company. It’s not hard to find a Roofing Company. You might meet with a few obstacles however, as you seek a competent Tucson Roofing Company.

Requesting a Bid from the Tucson Roofing Company

Having a few companies lined up, you can now ask for bids. The more bids you get the better is not true. Three or four should meet your needs and won’t be time prohibitive. Too much competition on the table may cause a Roofing Company to back out. Taking too much time may cause delays and the Roofing Company has a living to make. Time is money as they say and you’ll regret losing the best Roofing Company for your work. Choose just a few and then qualify each Roofing Company from which you’ll ask a bid.

When asking for a bid, you are not just asking for a total dollar amount. An itemized list including cost plus labor is in order. Supply each Tucson Roofing Company with a list spelling out exactly what you want to see in their bid. This will ease comparing their quotes as they will be based on the same work. It will be easy to spot where one bid is higher or lower than another.

Don’t let the lowest bid tempt you but in the same token don’t think that high one is necessarily better. Reasonable cost for good quality work is what everyone wants. If a bid is lower than any others you are offered, ask why. Low bids may come from legitimate reasons such as fewer employees, low overhead or lower cost for materials and the Roofing Company may be willing to share that lower cost with the customer but you need to check into this to be sure all is legitimate.

Having made your choice for a Tucson Roofing Company, you now need a contract in place.

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Tim's Roofing has been reliable and trustworthy. Following an independent inspection, Tim's Roofing did a quality job. We would recommend Tim to friends.
Ting - Tucson
I have worked with Tim's Roofing on multiple projects for over 4 years. I can without hesitation vouch for Tim's work ethic and the quality of his work. He consistently does an excellent job at a very reasonable price. I recommend him highly.
Jim - Tucson